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Live Visual Blogging

"Live Visual Blogging" adds live graphics to explain, annotate and illustrate the text of live blogging. Think of it as a visual activity stream to present live events. Think of it as realtime text-graphic journalism. But, please, don't think of it as video. Live visual blogging is not video; it is a text-graphic feed which complements and illuminates a video feed (or some other re-presentation of a live event, like audio coverage, or even the event itself, face-to-face in the same location).

For the last four years, graphic artists did Live Visual Blogging on paper for the SXSW keynotes. This site explores LVB using computers, both for the web as well as on a big screen in front of an audience. In the configuration shown above, the live blogger's visual output is simply being fed out to the web. Some people in the audience may be following on their phones or laptops. Even as in previous years at SXSW, those sitting in the first few rows for keynotes could see the paper record being created (it was too small for people farther away to read).

But things get more interesting when the live visual feed is put on a big screen in full view of the room.

Live Visual Blogging displayed in the room

In the situation depicted below, the event's real-time A/V director has chosen to display the live visual blog feed up on a large screen at the side of the aditorium. Now the live visual blog is explicitly part of the group's public event experience as opposed to their individual private phone/laptop experiences. Is the result a useful positive feedback loop, or a runaway process of chaos?* That's why it's interesting!

And that's why the title of this year's SXSW panel proposal is "Live Visual Blogging -> Realtime Social Drawing" (formerly "Realtime Drawing, Audience, and Interaction", but sadly exceeded the 50 char limit).


And, that's also why the event's A/V director can turn off the LVB feed or switch to another one at any time. Social media premise: if the live visual blogger's purpose is to record, facilitate, and reflect, then it is more likely the LVB feed will be illuminating (not distracting).


Rachel Smith, Director
Digital Facilitation Services at The Grove
iPad graphic record of the keynote at "Northern Voice 2010"

Fred Lakin, founder
The Performing Graphics Company
Graphics performed live on the Web for real-time coverage of community meeting.

David Sibbet, founder
The Grove
Graphics created live from scratch for webinar

Alan Levine,
And for contrast, our graphics sympathetic live textual blogger (not a token!)

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Visual Telefacilitation®

Visual Telefacilitation combines two ideas: first, there is the visual facilitator, a person whose defined social role is to help the group process by drawing and writing live for the group. Then the visual facilitation technique is generalized to include distributed group members via telecommunication, either passively or actively. The facilitator may use verbal, visual, or other telecommunication channels in assisting the telegroup process. Taken together, the result is Visual Telefacilitation.

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