Visual Telefacilitation

VISUAL TELEFACILITATION: Structuring Information for Instant Use by Telegroups 
Fred Lakin
The Performing Graphics Company


Communication in working groups is of growing importance. Visual Facilitation is a service that helps communication during meetings by visually representing the group's ideas and processes in real time on a large display where the group members can see the record being made. Visual Telefacilitation aids communication in telegroups by dispersing up to the minute copies of the text graphic record to distributed group members. The effect of Visual Telefacilitation is to add a mediated text graphic channel to the audio channel of a teleconference. Visual Telefacilitation, or VTF, is one of the most demanding application areas for the on the fly structuring of information. In VTF speed is an absolute necessity. An application for doing VTF is above all a performance instrument      it must support the improvisation of text and graphics like a saxophone supports the sequencing of notes in a jazz riff. This paper will describe the characteristics of Visual Telefacilitation in general and also the latest VTF Tool from PGC.
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Figure 1. Visual Telefacilitation in action

Introduction to Visual Telefacilitation

The Visual Telefacilitator
Meeting Maps
Operator training

Live meeting maps on the Web?

Grass roots VTF = faxes + phones

How to do VTF
Hardware and software for VTF
VTF Tool from PGC



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Presented at Vision Plus 3: Design on the Fly, Schwarzenberg, Austria, July 10-12, 1997.

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