Candidates' Call-in Forum cablecast by Cable Co-op; live mapping by PGC.
 Introduction: Josh Wallace, Cable Co-op

 Moderator: Margaret Marshall, League of Women Voters
 Tom Passell:
      On the board since 82.                    Claude Ezran:
      Cable system run by members.                    Current board member.
      1. add value by promoting local                 1. control costs to offer best value
         origination programming                         to viewers
      2. increase variety, narrow focus OK            2. partnering with local companies to
      3. add high speed connection                       offer services like internet access
         to information highway                       3. community involvement
 Christopher Crump:
                                                 Gordon Fuller:
       1. strengthen financial to grow,
          protect CC from takeovers                  Now a convergence of TV and digital
       2. CC is proper vehicle for Info HW           tech; not just one information
       3. CC should reflect viewers input            highway but many new trends. CC has
       4. more local programming                     opportunity to position in new
                                                     world market of telecommunications
  Peter Aloo:
                                                Ken Allen:
      1. Make sure our schools are not
         left behind in new technology              Engineering, communications, law,
      2. Would like to see CC remain a              public access, community
         community venture, resisting               involvement. Produced local content
         merging with big companies.                for many years. High value services
      3. Involve with other communities.            and local advertisers, retain local
 Seth Fearey:
                                                 Leonard Ely III:
      Work at: HP; on InfoHW in Washington;         Finance is very important. The Board
      and Smart Valley. Excited about               should work together. Public access
      delivering new services. Can help             for non-profit sector in Palo Alto.
      deal with tech and business issues.
  Moshe Kreitzer:                               Marvin Lee:
      Children have been neglected                 One of the founders of CC.
      due to lack of funds. CC should              Low tech also important,
      cooperate with education                     encouraged CC to do FM music,
      system, state, and private                   now working on local news on FM
      enterprise to raise funds.
  Gary Madden:
      Current board member. Involved
      with interactive TV and
      mutlimedia communications in work
      at Apple. CC should partner with
      tech companies; relevant local
      community programming.
 Question: Margaret [moderator]
 What is the role of board member?
                                           Need to improve financial
     Represent subscribers.                position of CC. Increase membership,
                                           find sources of revenue.
  Seth:                                  Ken:
      Finance important. Must decide         Represent the community;
      if Internet access is profitable       keep finances together;
      service, school access.                sounding board for management
 Question: Roland [call-in]                    Christopher:
 Not interested in any current channels;            I attend the operations meetings;
 is there a way to give members more                it is difficult to integrate
 options? for instance, the "90's channel"          viewers into the selection process,
                                                    but very important. Should be using
                                                    new technology for getting input.
      Chairs programming [Operations]          Ken:
      committee, feedback welcome. 
      Stive for diversity.                          Members can give input by calling
                                                    Director of Marketing, Carolyn
      Come to meetings -- third tuesday             Hillman, directly.
      of every month at 7:30
 Question: Yvonne [call-in]                   Seth:
 Someone said this is a money-making
 business, but I thought it was a               CC is a for-profit organization.
 co-op and supposed to be customer              It needs financial strength
 oriented. Also, would like to have             in order to deliver community
 more attention paid to the basic               oriented services.
 Marvin:                                          It is for profit, but members
     CC founded as service organization           are the owners
     for the community; but higher rates
     because of loans ... if each member
     would invest $300 we would get local     Ken:   On more for the basic subscriber:
     ownwership and reduced rates                    we could redesign the fees, less
                                                     for basic and more for some premium
                                                     channels; the technology exists for
                                                     multiple base levels. We could also
                                                     expand the subscriber base.
 Question: Yvonne, again [call-in]
 I think CC is trying to do too much,
 and our rates are high because of that.       Gordon:
                                                   note that 65% of cable subscribers
 Peter:                                            are dissatisfied -- it is difficult
                                                   to please everyone.
      Explore different combinations
      of programming to lower rates,               Telecommunications regulations are
      give different choices.                      changing. Telephone, TV and data are
                                                   coming together. One thing which is
 Tom:                                              emerging is universal service.
     One way to reduce bill is to increase         CC might consider selling cablingsystem
     subscribers; only 40% of the community        hardware to keep control of content.
     are subscribers, and very few of them
     are investors
  Question: Margaret [moderator]                Mavin:
  How do you see Cable Co-op's role as
  a community resource?                             Working now on local TV news ... and a
                                                    better way is free news on FM. A number
 Seth:                                              of fre services could be provided
     CC is interactive communications; connect  Claude:
     local schools to Stanford classes. Public
     access to the internet thru CC                 days of monopoly are over. Community
                                                    access is an important way for CC to
 Ken:                                               differentiate itself from other providers
     CC is right now involved in broadband
     internet access experiments, esp to        Gordon:
     the schools. Internet already at JLS;
     Gunn Public access to networks --              Our content will allow us to cut some
     improve content important                      deals with the major telecommuni-
                                                    cation companies. People want things
  Moshe                                             that are relevant to their lives and
                                                    community. Content not hardware; this
      Multimedia access to libraries                community is content producer rich.
 Question: Margaret [moderator]
 How should Cable Co-op involve itself
 in the new technologies?
 Gary:                                          Christopher:
     Cable is first associated with                Role of entertainment in cable will
     entertainment. Reliable, convenient           not change; but also information
     and fun first. Make it easy to use,           services combining Internet and
     and well meshed with services that            community needs. Time is the scarce
     people want. email? Internet access?          resource for the future. Look at
     Avoid high-risk experiments; partner          people's time and tune to their needs.
     with local companies. Probably data
                                                    Need for the new technology to
     There is a lot of hype with future             be deeply rooted in our community
     technologies .. we must be careful.            and schools. Basics are important.
     Pizzas, no; internet data access, yes
     [currently partnering with Com 21 in
     epxeriment]. Not clear that 500
     channels would be good. Because we have
     limited resources, we must be prudent;
     let's see how things shape out.
    Cable Co-op may be small now, but            CC responds to members: some of the
    AT&T started out the same way, so            best sports coverage, classical FM
    did Bank of America. CC can grow
    any way it wants.
 Ken:                                         Seth:
                                                  CC should be "proactive but cautious"
     Derive revenue from syndication of           in regards to the new technologies --
     local programming. We can be a test bed      expensive and risky. Partnering with
     for others who want to try out their         large companies: offer desirable
     technology such as Com 21. CC does need      demographics; proving ground for new
     outside funding. And should provide          services members want without risking
     transport as well as content.                our capital.

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