CWTGF: notes, ack, refs

Notes on the Illustrations

Figures 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 were originally constructed in the experimental handPAM environment at SAIL. They were printed double size on a Varian Statos and then photographically reduced. For this html version, figures 1-5 were constructed newly in CMUCL / OS X vmacs.


Special thanks to the people without whom this project could not have happened. To John McCarthy, for inventing LISP and giving me access to the computer facilities at SAIL. To Jonathan King, Allan Hayes and Ben Laws for long discussions on the pre-computer PAM system. To Jim Collatz for actually learning handPAM before it was implemented. To Hans Moravec and Rodney Brooks for providing the basic graphics tools at SAIL; and to Dick Gabriel and Paul Martin for showing me the finer points of MACLISP.

Thanks also to the Systems Science Laboratory, Xerox Palo Alto Science Center for use of their manuscript preparation facilities in consing up the original version in 1980.


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