(all articles are illustrated)

Live Graphics Nightly (fiction)    

Sidecasters (fictionish)

Structuring Information for Instant Use by Telegroups

The Visual TeleFacilitation Project at PGC

A Visual Agent for Performance Graphics

A Performing Medium for Working Group Graphics

Mapping Design Information

Visual Languages for Cooperation

The Electronic Design Notebook: performing medium and processing medium


Facilitating Cognitive Group Display

Master's Propoal: Text-Graphic Loom

(all articles are illustrated)

Visual Grammars for Visual Languages
and other Graphic Stories

Viz Literals: Visual Literals, Discretionary Eval, and the Mandiman Interface

Visual Grammars For Visual Languages

Polly: A Polly-Visual Programming Language

On the Syntax of Diagrams

Spatial Parsing for Visual Languages

Measuring Text-Graphic Activity

Executable Graphics

Computing for the Right Brain

Computing with Text-Graphic Forms

A Structure from Manipulation for Text-Graphic Objects

Structure and Manipulation in Text-Graphic Images

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