Sidecasters Manifesto


Sidecasters Manifesto
Fred Lakin

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OK, "manifesto" may be a little strong. So let's just go with "design document" instead. Either way, it's all about the underlying definitions.

"If you are going to live life on your own terms, there need to be terms, and somehow you need to live up to them." Robert B. Parker, Back Story, 2003.

Sidecasting      originally, to netcast a visual commentary simultaneously with and as context for a television broadcast, especially when viewed on a computer screen with TV picture inset. Later broadened to mean simultaneous coverage of any live event, thus merging with "Live Visual Blogging" and instantly superseding it. Sidecasters use LVB technology to provide synchronous text graphic commentary on a live webcast (or podcast or videocast or broadcast or meetingcast (teleconference) or "fleshcast" (FTF meeting, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Teilhard de Chardin))

And, about that whole "Live Visual Blogging" thing which was so summarily superseded and you hadn't even heard of it yet. Well, LVB adds live graphics to explain, annotate and illustrate the text of live blogging. LVB creates non scrolling, update in place, dynamic text and graphic maps of a live event. The maps are generated in real time, likey so:



* Premise: if the sidecaster's purpose is to record, facilitate, and reflect, then it is more likely that the sidecast feed will be illuminating (not distracting).

Spoiler Alert      certain plot details in the Sidecasters novel are revealed below. If you like to be totally surprised, stop reading now!

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