Yes, every Tuesday evening it's

at Veli's Graphics Bar.

Welcome to the world of performing graphics in West Oakland.

Tuesday evenings are "Open Screen Night," when beginning and lesser-known artists have a chance to practice their real-time visual riffs. Every week the regulars plus some newbies gather to perform computer graphics in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

The sign outside says "Live Graphics Nightly."

The performers inside make sure they're damn fine graphics.

So bring your rig, your best graphic chops, and show us what you got.

You've got 10 minutes.

Rigs: any combination of computer and input device for performing graphics is fine.

All Veli requires is that your rig has DVI video out for the big screen, Dolby Digital EX compatible audio out for the sound system if you need accompanying noise, and that you can carry it on stage by yourself, "in one fucking trip." Like a sequence of guitarists all sharing the same amp, last one unplugs and next one plugs in.

See, on Open Screen Night, Veli wants the performer changes to be fast: "Use your damn ten minutes for imaging, not equipment wrangling!" (yeah, yeah, sure; Veli's rants notwithstanding, there's often a good fifteen minutes or more between opening riffs, one performer to the next).

Sometimes newbies bitch a lot about the all-in-one-trip rule, but Veli won't budge. When you get to be a headliner and are playing two full sets on your own night, then you can bring all the fancy hardware you want and take all afternoon to set it up. But not on Open Screen Night. Hey, even the Mexican Lightning Crew is OK (finally) with this.