Tim Thompson's Space Palette


A New Instrument for Music and Visuals

Video from performance at STEIM in Amsterdam, April 2012

Conceptual Overview of how hand motions in the holes control music and graphics*


Full disclosure:

The original idea and intial sketch for the oval space frame design by the raccoon

This is only a fan page; the official Space Palette home page is http://spacepalette.com (natch')

"Space Palette" is a trademark of Nosuch Media

Video from House Concert, San Jose, Feb 2012

SP at the 2012 Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition


Space Palette at Sea of Dreams, New Years 2012

The well lit SP relaxing at home

For Tim, performing on the SP is the next best thing to watching others enjoy it.

Photographed by Rachael Torres

*NOTE: This controls diagram is only conceptual, to give a general idea of correlation between hand motions and music/graphics output. For example, in the current instantiation, graphics controls are overlaid onto the major music controls, so that one hand motion in a large hole will generate both music and graphics.