visual raccoon wall scroll
Wall Scroll

This work began in 1970 with the design of a series of paper-based performing media.

The initial system was developed by first inventing and then using the phrase ``Group Graphics'' as guiding light and problem definition. It was observed that groups of designers often wrote and drew together as part of thinking about a problem. Big pads of paper on a table could not be seen by everyone in a group, flip charts on a wall were too small, and black boards did not support color, high resolution or saving of images. The solution was the ``Wall Scroll,'' figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1. The ``Wall Scroll,'' a large sheet paper dispensing system for use by groups.

Figure 2. The Wall Scroll in use by David Sibbet at a meeting of the CORO fellows, San Francisco, California, September 21, 1971

More details and description of other systems in Visual Languages for Cooperation.