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So, do you have what it takes to be a big time Web page designer?

Take our Famous Web Artists Test and find out!

The FWA Test

1. Which looks better to you?

This one.

This One.

This One.

2. Really big JPGs are a good idea because:

People with small pipes deserve to wait.

You can do the demo off the hard drive. (Naive clients will be impressed; just be sure you cash the check before any of the remote divisions try viewing the site.)

Never mention the word "modem".

All of the above.

3. <H1> is the right font for all headers

Yes it is!

4. Real Web artists know how to design backgrounds for maximum visual impact. Backgrounds should always:

Take as long as possible to load.

Be merely obstrusive.

Totally obscure text whenever possible.

Obscure everything and complement your drapes.

5. The new html tag <MONITOR SIZE=+500> will:

Increase the size of the browser window by 500 pixels in each dimension.

Increase the size of the LCD screen by 500 pixels in each dimension.

Increase the size of one of the armorclads in a web-based Civil War sea battle simulation.

Any one of the above depending on whether you include the parameter TYPE = "browser", TYPE = "CRT", or TYPE = "boat".

6. Your goal as an aspiring Web artist:

Make really big money.

Meet lots of folk compatible with your sexual preference.

Both of these.

Done with the test? Are you sure? Better check over your responses one more time      this could be the most important test you will ever take!

OK, now fill in these two blanks for our records:

Describe any previous Web art experience:

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Tnx to Dave and Margot for their suggestions
- wd

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